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What You Should Know About Getting Dentures Relined

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Have your dentures been moving around in your mouth and causing you to experience a lot of pain? It is likely time for you to invest in new dentures or get the ones that you have relined so they will fit better. If you continue using your dentures in the current condition, you might end up experiencing numerous complications. In this article, you will learn about problematic dentures and getting them relined.

What Causes Dentures to Stop Fitting Properly?

Dentures can begin fitting improperly from normal wear and tear, which might require that they are replaced. However, it is also possible for dentures to become loose due to bone loss in the areas of your gums that do not have teeth. Jawbones need the stimulation of teeth to promote growth. Dentures can also begin to move around when you get teeth extracted or if your gum tissue changes by shrinking. If your dentures are still in good shape besides fitting poorly, a dentist will be able to reline them for you.

How Does a Dentist Reline Dentures?

Relining your dentures will involve the dentist having to remove a layer of the base. He or she will then insert putty in the area of the base that was removed so an impression can be taken of the palate area of your mouth. After the impression is taken, the new base will harden up and become the new base for your dentures so they will fit securely in your mouth. The dentist will either perform a soft or hard denture reline that will be based on the tenderness of your gums. A hard denture reline is ideal for durability, while a soft denture reline is more flexible and comfortable for tender gums.

What Can Happen if Dentures Are Not Relined?

Other than the pain that you already feel, your gums can become infected if you don't get your dentures relined. One of the infections that might develop is called cheilosis, which develops from yeast accumulating in your mouth as dentures move around and create a lot of moisture. You might also experience problems with pronouncing your words correctly due to the artificial teeth moving around. One of the most embarrassing things that can happen is the dentures falling out of your mouth when you least expect it. Make an appointment with a dentist like one from St Albert Denture & Implant Clinic so your dentures can be relined as soon as possible.