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5 Tips For Preventing Cavities In Your Teenagers

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If you have teenagers in your household, you are well aware of the struggles to get things done. It's not uncommon for this age group to want to put things off until a later date. However, when it comes to the dental health of your child, you may want to intervene. It's ideal to know tips that will reduce the possibility of your teenager dealing with dental decay.

Tip #1: Encourage good eating habits

Grabbing food on the run or at the drive through is sure to be common for your teenager. This is easy to do, but may contribute to tooth decay.

Many processed foods are loaded with sugar and fat that can contribute to an increased amount of bacteria in the mouth. Be sure to motivate your child to eat foods that are high in nutrition, such as fruits, vegetables and lean meats.

Tip #2: Discourage tobacco products

Many teenagers may feel pressured by peers to engage in smoking. However, this is one of the worst things you can do to your teeth and gums. Cigarette smoking contributes to gum disease, which could potentially lead to tooth loss.

Tip #3: Talk about oral hygiene

You will want to discuss the importance of brushing and flossing daily with your child. This is by far the most efficient way to reduce the possibility of decay. Additionally, be sure that toothbrushes are replaced as necessary for the optimal brushing results.

Tip #4:  Purchase mouth guards

If you have a son or daughter that participates in sports, you will want to ensure the well-being of your child's teeth. It's ideal to insist your teenager uses mouth guards when engaging in these types of activities.

Mouth guards are effective at keeping a tooth from breaking or even being knocked out when it comes to many strenuous sports.

Tip #5: Make dental appointments

You may need to continue to schedule the routine cleanings and exams for your teenager. Making sure that your child sees the dentist every six months is by far one of the best ways to ensure dental health that can last a lifetime.

By making an extra effort, you can make a difference in your teenager's teeth. This is sure to be appreciated later on in life. Be sure to rely on a dentist like The Dental Office Fairview Mall near you to help you with any of your family's dental needs.