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Tips For New Denture Patients

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Dentures are an extremely common option for those needing to replace many missing teeth, and while this is an effective option for individuals experiencing this problem, there are a couple of common problems that denture patients may experience. These problems can negatively impact the appearance of your dentures or make them no longer fit securely in your mouth. By taking the time to follow these two tips, you can help ensure that you avoid the worst complications that can arise from denture problems. 

Avoid Overusing Adhesives

There are a variety of denture adhesives that can be used to make the dentures fit more securely in the mouth. However, it should be noted that you should avoid using these adhesives on a regular basis for a couple of reasons. One of the more important is that these substances can weaken the materials used in the denture by making them more brittle. This can cause them to be more likely to suffer a major failure. It is also possible for these adhesives to irritate the gums, which can cause you intense discomfort while wearing your dentures. 

If you notice that your dentures are not fitting as securely as you think they should, you should take them to a denturist to have them realigned. During this process, heat is applied to the dentures to allow them to be molded into a shape that better fits your mouth. This will allow you to enjoy securely fitting dentures without having to subject yourself to the risks of these adhesives. 

Invest In A Duplicate Denture

It is an unfortunate fact that your dentures will eventually experience a complete failure. When this happens, they may break in half or several teeth may fall out. This can be a particularly troubling situation for those that are unable to get to a denturist right away. 

To minimize the embarrassing problems that can be caused by this situation, you should invest in a pair of duplicate dentures. If you have had your normal dentures modified to better fit your mouth, the duplicates may not perfectly fit, but they can provide an effective solution until you are able to see a denturist. 

When you receive dentures, it is important to be prepared for some of the problems that these replacement teeth may experience. Knowing the benefits of investing in duplicate dentures as well as why you should avoid relying on denture adhesives will help you to be as prepared as possible for routine denture problems. Contact a local denturist, such as Burke Mountain Denturist, for more information.