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Common Concerns About Tooth Sensitivity Answered

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Extreme tooth sensitivity can be a very disruptive dental problem to experience. Sadly, this is a problem that is relatively common, but it is often misunderstood by patients that are experiencing it. Luckily, there are dental treatments that can be used to address sensitivity, but you will likely need a couple of questions answered before you can make decisions as an informed patient. 

Why Do Your Teeth Suddenly Become Sensitive To Temperature Extremes?

Many individuals may wonder why their teeth have suddenly developed sensitivity, and there can be any number of causes for this condition. However, there are a few that tend to be more common than other causes. Thinning enamel is a very common cause of sensitivity, because it can expose the root of the tooth to these temperature changes. Also, gum disease is another routine source of sensitivity, because it can cause the gums to recede and expose the sensitive areas of the tooth to these temperature changes. 

Unfortunately, there is no way to know the cause of this without seeking professional treatment. To determine the cause of the problem, your dentist will need to perform a thorough visual examination, and they may need to take x-rays to determine the primary source of this problem. 

What Type Of Treatments Can Help Address Tooth Sensitivity?

Once the source of the sensitivity has been identified, your dentist will be able to work with you to create a treatment plan. For cases of minor enamel thinning, it is often possible to use a toothpaste that contains fluoride to help reinforce the enamel. If the damage to the enamel is severe, it will likely be necessary to have a fluoride-enriching gel professionally applied to the teeth to provide them with the mineral needed to strengthen the enamel. In instances where the problem is stemming from gum disease, you will have to allow the gums to heal before the sensitivity will fade. 

These are only two common examples of treatment options for this condition, and there are many others available depending on the cause and severity of the sensitivity. Your dentist will only be able to recommend a treatment option after thoroughly inspecting your teeth. 

Tooth sensitivity is a problem that can make it almost impossible to enjoy your favorite foods and beverages. However, it is important for you to understand the potential causes of this condition and the treatments available to make sound decisions for your dental health. Talk to a dentist such as Dental-Med Dental Clinic to answer your tooth sensitivity questions.