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What You Need To Know About Dental Care Specialties

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When you hear the word "dentist", you probably think about the person you go to whenever your teeth hurt who tells you to floss a bit better. But not all dentists are created equal; in other words, specialties within the dental profession are meant to shift around specific aspects of dental work to those best equipped to deal with it. If you're wondering exactly what kind of dentist you should see to solve your next tooth-related malady, then here's a bit of what you need to know about the different specialties in the world of dentists.

General Dentist

This is the kind of dentist you're probably most familiar with, and that's the case for a reason; general dentists deal mostly with common dental problems, such as cavities, fillings, gum health, and dental education -- teaching you how to take care of your teeth the best. General dentists are extremely easy to find -- chances are that every dentistry practice you pass on the street has a general dentist on staff. There are about forty-five hundred general dentists practicing in Canada (with specialists altogether making up 11% of the total five thousand dentists).

Oral Surgeons

Oral surgeons are those dentists who specialize in surgical procedures in and around the mouth (including the jaw and face). From reconstruction after an accident to removal of tumors to extraction of wisdom teeth, oral surgeons are the people you want to see when your mouth has major problems. While unemployment in Canada is low for all dentistry possessions (due to low turnover and excellent dental programs), oral surgeons are particularly secure in their jobs when they move from other provinces or countries to learn and practice in Quebec. 


As the name might suggest, a prosthodontist specializes in prosthetic teeth -- either replacing completely absent teeth or restoring teeth that have parts broken or chipped off. Their work goes beyond golfing accidents or the occasional popcorn incident, however -- prosthodontists are experts in restoring a damaged set of teeth even if there's something wrong with the jaw, like in cases of patients with TMJ disorders or those who were born with a cleft palate. While a general dentist can place crowns or caps on your teeth, prosthodontists are trained on and perform with a larger scale of damage or trauma, making them the people best equipped for dealing with extensive or particularly tricky cases of reconstruction.

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