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Four Qualities That Every Pediatric Dentist Should Have

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Due to the sudden increase in pediatric dental offices, the field of pediatric dentistry is growing rapidly. Not everyone is cut out to work with children, but unfortunately, some medical professionals are seeing the growth in this field and want in on it, even if their personality does not align. Listed below are four qualities that any professional dentist working with children should have. While searching for the right dentist for your child, keep these four qualities in mind:


The trust of a child can be difficult to gain. If your child has had a bad dental experience in the past, this issue can be amplified. Respect -- that is, treating the child's fears and concerns seriously -- can go a long way in gaining the trust of your child. This is an important first step to forming a solid child-dentist relationship.


Let's face it – working with children can be exhausting. It is difficult for children to fully express their issues, making the job of any healthcare professional more difficult. Even further, when a child is distressed, they can be harder to reason with, and the tolerance levels of those working on them may be taxed to their limits. A quality pediatric dentist will understand and will spend the time to calm your child's fears and work with them through their difficulties.


Your child's dentist doesn't necessarily have to be a comedian, but children can see when those around them are trying to lessen their anxieties and lighten the mood. A dentist with a sense of humor may be just what your child needs to relax and have a positive experience at their next dental visit.


Just like adults, the personalites and likes of children are very different from one individual to the other. A flexible and accommodating dentist can tailor their approach to each child, making that child feel comfortable.

Why Finding the Right Fit Is So Important

Your comfort and the comfort of your child are the most important factor in determining the right fit. Children who are comfortable with their dentist will be more willing to keep up on their dental health. They will also experience less anxiety prior to and during their visits, making it easier on everyone – your child included.

The more your child cooperates, the easier it will be for the dentist to detect any potential dental issues, such as decay or misalignment. A proper evaluation is much easier to get done with a calm and still child, giving the dentist the best views and angles.

The four qualities listed above – respect, patience, humor, and flexibility – are qualities that are expected of every child care professional, and pediatric dentists should not be held to a lesser standard.